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Travel Advisor – Cathy Thomason

Certifications: Virtuoso Voyager Specialist, Azamara Globetrotter

Cathy’s Travel Tip

Cathy's #1 Travel Tip

"Don’t put off going anywhere you can while you can."

About Cathy

View of Mt. Vesuvius from a cruise ship

View of Mt. Vesuvius in Campania, Italy

Cathy has been in the travel industry for almost three decades. Her jump into the world of travel started with her desire to see more of the little world she lived in. After studying different areas of Europe and even just the rest of the United States, she felt she had to go and see the places she had read about. The books she read and pictures she saw were interesting, but she wanted to experience it all herself.

To Cathy, the best thing about being a travel advisor is meeting new people and helping them plan trips of a lifetime. She especially enjoys talking to her clients when they return from their travels, because every person’s experience gives Cathy more information to plan the next adventure.

Areas of Specialty: Cruises & Group Travel

Cathy’s favorite way to travel is by ship, and she thinks cruises have many advantages that you just don’t get from flying to a single destination. Cruises are a great value—with most of your food, activities, and entertainment included in the price of the cruise (depending on the cruise line and package you choose). And because of the variety of cruise lines and destinations available today, virtually anyone can find a cruise that works for their interests. If you want to stay on the ship and relax the entire trip, you can do that. Or, by contrast, if you’d rather be active as much as possible and participate in many off-ship activities, you can do that too!

View of Iceland from cruise ship; Iceland cruise

View of Iceland from cruise ship

There are many activities and features Cathy thinks folks would be surprised to learn are available on cruise ships, including:

  • Water parks
  • Amusement activities, like bumper cars
  • Quality daycare, so parents can take time for themselves
  • Spas
  • Specialty wine and food events
  • Speakers and lecturers
  • Robot bartenders (yes, really!)
  • And much more

And, Cathy adds, those who avoid cruises only because they think they’ll get seasick should reconsider. Most ships are stabilized so that you can’t even tell you’re on the water unless you’re traveling through rough seas. Try a short cruise to see how you do!

Must-Do Cruise Experiences

The three most popular cruise destinations with Cathy’s clients right now are Iceland, Ireland, and Italy. She says it’s a unique experience to see the natural beauty of these countries by both land and sea.

View of Alaskan glacier from cruise ship; cruise in Alaska

View of Alaskan glacier from cruise ship

But if you want a truly unique experience, Cathy says the most amazing cruise she’s ever been on was in Alaska. From icy blue glaciers to the Northern Lights, the scenery is hard to beat. Cathy’s recommendation is to do a tour on land of Denali National Park, the Iditarod racing grounds, and some of the glaciers. You can even take a ride in a dogsled, tour salmon hatcheries, and climb on top of some of the glaciers for an unbeatable view!

Contact Cathy for Cruises & Group Travel

If you’re ready to book your cruise to Alaska, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or elsewhere, Cathy is ready to help you! Email her at or give her a call at 410-527-9700 today!


Cathy Thomason

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