Destination Specialist – Dyana Thomas

Destination Specialist – Dyana Thomas

Dyana’s #1 Travel Tip

Smiling is the Universal Language

"Smiling is the universal language no matter where you go. When you need help, a genuine smile will open people up to the idea of talking to you!"

A Note From Dyana

“I am an enthusiastic travel advisor specializing in the creation of customized travel experiences. My areas of expertise range from high-end luxury leisure travel to the most active and energetic expeditions. I am an adventure seeker with a strong interest in history and culture. Combined with my passion for fine food, wine and photographing animals in their natural habitats has allowed me to visit over 281 cities, 41 countries and seven continents.

As a travel advisor, I believe in helping my clients explore their interest and passions through traveling . My goal is to provide customized experiences for my clients that will exceed their expectations and create lifelong memories. I use a collaborative method that combines working with clients and our extensive group of worldwide preferred travel partners.

Allow me to help you plan your next travel experience and start creating memories for a lifetime.”

About Dyana

Dyana has been a travel advisor with World Travel Service for three years, but she brings many additional years of travel experience and knowledge from her own personal adventures. She spent two years studying to obtain her Certified Travel Advisor certification, which she says was extremely important to her because she wants to continue to grow and learn as a professional travel advisor.

If you’re unsure about whether to plan your trip yourself or use an expert agent like Dyana, the choice is obvious. She and the other knowledgeable travel advisors at World Travel Service care about each and every one of their clients, and their primary goal is providing you with the travel experience of your dreams. Anyone can find cookie-cutter, “Americanized” tours in foreign countries, but the advisors at World Travel Service will learn about your interests and use their connections around the world to create a unique experience built for you!

Areas of Specialty: Asia, Africa, and Cold Regions

Asia travel advisors

Dyana on a trip in Asia

In 1999, Dyana made her first trip to Africa where she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and went on safaris in the Un’Goro Crater. As an experienced high altitude mountain climber, climbing to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro was an exhilarating experience. Eight years later, she returned to the continent to visit Capetown and Johannesburg.

Dyana loves helping clients with their trips to Asia, Africa, and cold regions like Antarctica because of how much she has enjoyed traveling there herself. Before she became a travel advisor, she spent many months traveling throughout Asia, including excursions to China, India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Japan! She has also spent time seeing whales and penguins up-close in Antarctica, and is excited to travel to Iceland and Greenland in the near future.

Interests:  Food, Wine, Active & Specialty Travel

Dyana has always loved to experience different types of cuisine and collect fine wines from all over the world. From prosecco in Italy to pinotage in Africa, there are great wines in most regions of the world. To Dyana, “wine is discovery” because you can learn a lot about a country by drinking its wine and hearing the history behind it.

Fine food is not always the most expensive food, so be sure to chat with shopkeepers and guides to find out where the local spots are. You won’t know what you’re missing unless you ask! Another great way to experience local food and wine while traveling is to take cooking classes while you’re there. There’s no better way to learn about the different tastes, spices, and smells associated with a place than to cook the food! If you’re interested in taking a cooking class (or a few!) while on your trip in Asia, Africa, or the cold regions, be sure to let Dyana know.

Follow the locals at lunch time and look at what they’re eating! -Dyana Thomas

As a retired high-altitude mountain climber, Dyana is also apt to advise clients interested in hiking, biking, climbing, or being active in other ways while on their trips. Whether you’re interested in going on long hikes to experience the natural environment of exotic creatures or you want to climb the tallest mountain in the region, Dyana is happy to help.

Amazing Food in Every Region

From fine dining to street food, you can find it all in these regions. In Asia, Dyana recommends taking a cooking class in Thailand to learn what real Thai food looks and tastes like. She has also been impressed with the freshness and quality of seafood in Asian countries—though the biggest lobsters she’s ever seen are in the African country of Zanzibar.

You can find just about any type of cuisine in Africa, but Dyana says one of the more adventurous foods she tried while traveling there is wildebeest (also known as gnu). And though she hasn’t gotten around to traveling there yet, she hears Iceland eateries serve hotdogs and sausages made with reindeer meat as well as a dish known as “rotten” (fermented) shark. These items might sound a little too exotic to you, but Dyana can certainly find dining options for any palate!

Go Off the Beaten Path & Engage with the Locals

Many travelers stick to the typical tourist attractions and destinations that cater to Americans, but Dyana says some of the best experiences she’s had while traveling involve engaging with the local people and finding out where their favorite spots are. From discovering a delicious hamburger in Greece by talking to a local shopkeeper to finding out that you shouldn’t order Chilean wine in Argentina by chatting with a couple dining at the table next to her, some of the best lessons Dyana has learned came from talking to the locals.

Must-Do Experiences in Asia, Africa & the Cold Regions

Hoi An in Vietnam, Vietnam Travel Advisors

“Venice of Vietnam”

Whether you’re a foodie or an adventurer, there’s something for everyone in these diverse regions. There are plenty of sites to see in Asia—from the Great Wall in China to little-known spots like Hoi An, known as the “Venice of Vietnam.”

If you’re interested in a unique cruise experience that lets you see amazing animals up-close, Dyana highly recommends a trip to Antarctica. You can see everything from whales to  penguins all while cruising through the beautiful, icy-white landscape.

There’s plenty of wildlife to be seen in Africa as well, with certain hotels being right next to land where lions prowl! But if that sounds a little too exciting for your taste, you could go on one of the more traditional safari tours that can take you through destinations like Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia, and more!

Ready to Plan Your Trip to Asia, Africa, or the Cold Regions?

If you’re ready to pack your bags, the first step is contacting Dyana to start planning your trip! You can reach her by phone at (703) 830-3966 or by email at Don’t wait—contact Dyana today!

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