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International Travel Tips—Avoiding Tourist Scams

There are many travel scams out there that are used in cities across the world. But safe international traveling is as simple as being aware of these scams.
Here is a list of some of the more well-known tourist scams across the globe:

  • Avoid photographers at famous landmarks that ask you to pose and pay for a picture. They usually ask you to wait while they develop the photo, in which case you’ll be waiting forever.
  • Pickpockets are famous around the globe and are often present in crowded cities. Wear your purse or bag close to your body and keep all valuables either locked up at a hotel or somewhere on you that is not easily accessible.
  • Overcharging cab drivers can cost you a lot in extra fares. Ask cab drivers before getting into their taxi what their rates are and how much it may cost to go a certain distance.
  • Get to know the currency of the country you are visiting; this will help you avoid being shortchanged by shop owners, who are looking to take advantage of naive travelers.
  • In some locations, designer clothes and accessories are sold at ridiculously cheap prices. Don’t get excited—they are not real and are usually poorly made.
  • Beware of long winded sympathy evoking stories. These con artists are looking to take your money and use it for their own benefit. They may use sad stories or even their own children to try and get your money.
  • Know what policeman look like in the country you are visiting. Many scams involve citizens dressing up as police, asking for your wallet, and stealing both cash and IDs.
  • Beware if someone "accidentally" spills food or drinks on you. This scam usually involves two people, one doing the acting, and the other taking all of your things while you help clean up the mess.
  • At airports, keep your baggage close by with your eyes on it at all time. One well known airport scam is for someone to use a large hollow suitcase which will then be rolled over the top of yours.
  • Beware if driving in another country of motorists who are trying to flag you down. These scam artists will pretend to have a flat tire or dead battery and ask you to help. When you hop out of your own car to help them, they quickly jump into your car and take off.

Tips to Help You Stay Safe

  • When traveling to another country learn at least a little of the language, this may help you not stand out as much and be able to assist you when dealing with the public.
  • Be sure to check all traveler warnings for the country you are intending to visit.
  • Choose hotel rooms with safes. This can be an essential when staying in a foreign city as you can safely secure your passports and other travel documents.

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