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How to Book Travel for Your Boss

As a hard-working executive or personal assistant, it may be your responsibility to arrange a business trip for your boss. While those rare travel incidents and the practices of airlines and hotels are out of your control, you have plenty of opportunities to help ensure the trip goes smoothly. Here’s what to consider.

Travel Agenda

Find out the key points about your boss’s business trip before you make a single reservation, including:

  • When meetings are scheduled: If they’re in the morning, you probably want to book the flight for the day before so your boss can get a good night’s sleep. If the meetings are in the evening, a same-day flight wastes less time.
  • Where meetings are scheduled: You can narrow down hotel options by choosing one within close proximity to the airport, but knowing where business meetings will be held is another factor to consider.
  • When Internet access is required: If your boss plans to work on the plane or from the hotel room, look for flights and accommodations that offer Wi-Fi access.

Hotel Requirements

Aside from location and internet access, find out if your boss needs other particular hotel amenities and book the reservation accordingly:

  • Hotel preferences: Your boss may need to stay at a particular hotel to utilize frequent guest program points. Even if that’s not the case, your boss may prefer one hotel chain over another.
  • Room type: Does your boss like the first floor or the penthouse? Is the room’s proximity to the elevator important? Would a smoking or non-smoking room be best?
  • Luxury amenities: Even though your boss is traveling for business, it might still be nice to have access to free breakfast, a pool, spa or gym. Make sure you book a hotel with the amenities your boss requests.

Air and Ground Travel Logistics

You can make your best guess about your boss’s travel preferences, but it’s best to just ask. Find out:

  • Preferred time to fly: Does your boss like to fly in the morning, afternoon, evening or red-eye?
  • Frequent flyer miles: If your boss is a member of any frequent flyer program, it could decrease the ticket cost.
  • Airline preference: Ask if your boss is partial to a particular airline, and if first class is necessary or not. Get even more specific and ask about aisle, middle seat, or window preference.
  • Transportation to and from the airport: Would your boss prefer to ride in a taxi, rent a car, or have a personal driver? Find out which is best, and then ask your boss about their transportation provider preferences.

VIP Travel Services

Your boss is a distinctive individual that may not be willing to fly coach. Examine his or her expectations and consider arranging the following VIP services:

  • Chartered flight: A private flight may be the only suitable way for your boss to travel.
  • Private transportation: A rental car or limousine service is more comfortable than a taxi. Ask your boss which option is preferable.
  • Security: Your boss may require additional safety precautions during a business trip. Look into the possibility of arranging security guards to accompany your boss if necessary.

Corporate Travel Expense Tracking

Tracking expenses and other details of your company’s travel, including your boss’s, is vital to following policy and maintaining profitability. At WorldTravelService®, we offer more than 120 specially designed corporate travel reports. As a client, you select the format or formats that best suit your needs.To give our clients a travel experience fully customized to their needs, we keep detailed profiles of all frequent travelers. These comprehensive profiles contain:

  • Traveler preferences
  • Dietary requirements
  • Frequent flyer and other customer reward account information
  • TSA Secure Flight Passenger Data information
  • And more

We also note and flag any special needs a traveler may have.

This can help ease the stress of booking travel for your boss!

Need Help Booking Corporate Travel for Your Boss?

WorldTravelService® is a full service travel agency specializing in corporate travel in D.C. and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic region.

At WorldTravelService®, we make corporate VIP travel comfortable and distinctive. Go above and beyond when making travel arrangements for your boss by booking the flight, hotel, and ground transportation through our renowned mid-Atlantic travel team. Contact us today to learn more.

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