Business Travel Etiquette Tips

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying travel for work, but it’s important to note that there are some key differences no matter where you go. When on business travel, you are a personal representation of your company, and everything you do from dressing to meeting, reflects back on them. This means you are directly tied to (and in some ways bound to) the politics, culture, and products your company represents. Understanding and feeling comfortable with basic travel etiquette can go a long way for both your personal career, and in furthering your company's good name. Wold Travel Service provides key components to meeting your needs while on business travel, and we would like to set you up for success as well. Take these points into consideration before you reach your next destination.

Travel Etiquette: The Basics of Successful Representation

You business understands that you are not a robot. You are not pre-programmed to act in set patterns, nor are you conditioned per-se. But there are some simple, effective methods of ensuring you represent both yourself and your company well:
  • Always be punctual. Sadly, the world never works on our personal schedule. Understand that punctuality is absolutely key to positive first impressions. Focus on not only being on time, but a bit early (not too early; maybe five minutes). This gives you the opportunity to get comfortable in your space, and set up to bring your best game.
  • Learn local customs. Learn the cultural expectations of the country you're visiting, and be sure act accordingly.
  • Be polite. Not saccharine, just pleasant. Good vibes and affirmative body language are integral to staying receptive, and having others stay receptive to you. Be sure to observe basic conversational rules. Never speak out of turn, and never interrupt.
  • Remain neutral and restrained. Showing bias, or observing common class or sex rules is a good way to get removed from future business travel. At a meeting table, there are no class or gender roles; everyone operates as equals, and doing otherwise singles you out as being rude.
  • Tip services. Hotel staff, bartenders, and servers should all receive positive feedback and tips (yes, even if the service is subpar). Even a single piece of negativity, no matter where it is from can damage your personal reputation, as well as that of your associates and company.
  • Do research before travel. Know your destination, and take note of any customs or important cultural aspects before you arrive. Knowledge is the purest form of power in business, and collecting all that you can prepares you to succeed.
  • Dress according to the occasion. Aside from arriving on time, what you wear speaks volumes about you and your company before you even exchange a handshake. During travel, choose reasonable, business casual attire to remain comfortable without appearing disjointed or messy. When meetings commence, be sure that you’ve switched into business-appropriate outfits.
Remain polite, confident without appearing arrogant, and affable, and you will find yourself going very far. Be sure to take these travel etiquette tips to heart next time you set out, and you’re sure to succeed.

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