How to Take the Stress Out of Your Group Trip

Are you overwhelmed by the process of planning a group trip? From choosing a destination and accommodations that suit everyone to making sure all members of your group are accountable for their financial share and given all the information they need, we understand that there are many details to consider. Our experiences as a group travel planner in the DC area have taught us a great deal, and we’ve come up with some tips to help take the stress away.

Group Travel Tips You Should Know

Whether you are travelling in a group of five or 50, we recommend you follow these group travel tips for a stress-free experience:
  • Elect a point person to keep everything organized. This is who all members of your group will communicate through and who will ultimately take care of booking airfare, hotels, and ground transportation. If you book your group trip though a travel agency, your point person will be the primary point of contact for your agent.
  • Start planning early. The earlier you book your trip, the more time all parties of your group will have to commit to the trip, make payments, and get any passports, travel insurance, or other needed documentations ready to go. Booking early can also help you secure the best deals and find any group discounts there might be, while increasing your chances of getting rooms side-by-side.
  • Make sure all members of your group are well-informed. That means providing all parties with emergency contact numbers, along with a travel itinerary that breaks down flights, hotels, ground transportation, and any pre-planned activities you’ve enrolled your group in. All group members should also be aware of the pricing, not just of the flight and hotel (or cruise, if that’s the case), but also of any on-site activities you’ve signed up for.
  • Make time for unscheduled activities as well. If every minute of your trip is planned out and accounted for, you might end up driving each other crazy. Leave time to relax and unwind or for members of your group to do other activities that may not be ideal for the entire group.
  • Hire a group travel planner. A travel agent is without a doubt the easiest way to book group travel. Your agent can help you select the best destination for your party, and the right accommodations and flights for your group. They can also help you take care of on-site transportation and often will provide emergency contacts and on-site directions for your convenience and safety. WorldTravelService® even provides online financial tools that are especially useful for corporate groups needing to carefully track expenses.

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