Looking for a Host Travel Agency? Join the Top One on the East Coast!

banner-wts-2 Over the past 10 – 12 years, we’ve seen a drastic change in how travel agencies operate. Our business model has altered in order to meet the increased needs and demands of our clients, and the rapid growth of the information age has certainly had a hand in that. Of course, that isn’t to say these alterations have been all bad; or in fact bad at all! By forging alliances major agencies and independent (or “home-based”) agents have found an effective and synergistic method to grow and change together. The sum of our parts means better service to our clients, and better benefits and rewards to both host agencies and independents as well. WorldTravelService® is proud to operate as a premier host agency to independents and smaller agencies alike, offering superior benefits, tools, and training in order to facilitate growth we can enjoy together!

What Is a Host Agency?

For those who may be somewhat unfamiliar with the term, host agencies essentially provide support to smaller agencies or independent agents through various tools and opportunities. This may include access to information networks, tools such as bookkeeping and support and access to exclusive vendors, and can extend to funding and resources. An important aspect to note about working with a host agency is that you are not an employee of that agency. It is a symbiotic relationship that allows growth for both parties, and helps us provide our clients with the best travel services we can possibly muster. These relationships are generally supported by the splitting of commissions, while other models pursue additional or standalone fees.

Why Choose WorldTravelService® for Your Host Agency?

As an esteemed member of the Virtuoso Travel Consortium we and our affiliates have access to an exceptional list of prime benefits. Amenities, upgrades, and other benefits are within easy access of our networks, offering you a distinct advantage in serving your clients with the best solutions and services possible. Seasoned, independent agents and those wholly new to the business can both find excellent perks and resources by operating as a host with WorldTravelService®. You’ll have access to exclusive training seminars The Virtuoso Travel Academy covering everything from current trends and tech, to professional development opportunities. Our hosts also gain access to various additional benefits, all geared toward boosting your business, effectiveness, and ability to meet your client’s needs! Interested in learning more about our exclusive and unique host agency opportunities? Peruse our official host program page online! We’re excited for you to take this opportunity to reach further than you ever have; come and grow with WorldTravelService® today!

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