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How To Choose a Reliable Corporate Travel Agency

Corporate travel is a big deal, and often involves many employees and detailed planning. When choosing a corporate travel agency to guide you through the travel process, it's important to do your research. Keep reading to learn the most important qualities to look for when choosing a corporate agency to help you with your business travel needs.

1. Choose an organization that will assign you a personal agent.

With corporate travel especially, it's important to have an agent that is specifically assigned to your account. Don't let your priorities get thrown under the rug. State your corporate budget and travel preferences right away, and expect they will be met.

2. Make sure the agency you choose is experienced.

When it comes to travel, experience gives travel agencies an upper hand. Agencies that have connections in all the right places can often provide benefits and discounts that newer agencies might not receive.

3. Look for travel reviews from previous corporate clients.

Reviews are an essential part of choosing a reliable corporate travel agency. If another business has had a great experience, that is a good sign. If you notice a lot of negative reviews, keep looking.

4. Ask about corporate client benefits.

Travel agencies that specialize in corporate travel often provide regular corporate clients special benefits. Read more about the extensive travel services you'll receive when you become a corporate client with us.

Our Travel Planning Process

When you work with a WorldTravelService® agent, you get a travel agent who acts as your advocate every step of the way.
  • Planning: During the planning process, your agent/advisor gets to know you. You’ll discuss what kind of travel you prefer, any special needs or requests, places you’ve dreamed about, your budget, anything you absolutely won’t tolerate on your trip, and more.
  • Getting there: While you’re traveling to your destination, your agent will be available to advise you should you have questions or requests, or in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.
  • While you’re at your destination: Again, you have an advocate in place! If any issues arise, you can get assistance.
  • When you return: Let your agent know how your trip went. Was there anything that could have gone better? What did you enjoy most?

Book Your Corporate Trip with WorldTravelService®

As a WorldTravelService® corporate client, you’ll have all the travel benefits you should expect in a corporate agency. We will assign an experienced agent to your account, provide an abundance of positive reviews for you to read over, and offer you benefits you'll love. Contact us to learn how to become a corporate client today!

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