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How to Plan the Ultimate Tour of Europe

When faced with such a broad range of leisure travel options such as those offered in Europe, you might find yourself unsure of where to start. Do you travel to iconic Ireland? Get lost in the Black Forest in Germany? What about Italy? It seems the options never end. But before your head starts to spin, or you just shrug and pick anything, the expert travel agents at WorldTravelService® have some solutions for you. Follow along while we give you the rundown on planning the ultimate tour of Europe.

Shouldn't I Just Pick One?

You certainly could, and we would be happy to take you there. However, particularly for first-timers, we tend to recommend tours that span a greater range. We do this because one, sampling it all gives you such a rich experience. And two, because it’s a fantastic way to find your ideal destinations for more focused adventures in the future. It’s a great way to find what speaks to you and what places really embody that sense of relaxation and wonder that most leisure travelers thirst for.

Settling a Travel Plan in Motion

Ready to get started? Here are some simple guidelines to follow as we move forward with planning:
  • Get your papers in order. Nothing kills the fun more than paperwork, we know. But if anything does kill the fun more, it’s having to wait for a passport to go through while your departure floats by. Papers first, then fun.
  • Settle on a timeline. Much of what you’re going to accomplish will be gated by time, including the distance you travel and what sorts of events you want to take part in. Are you planning on a solid two weeks away, a single week, or trying to cram Europe into a weekend? This is the most important question you have to answer.
  • Pick your preferred season. Summer means finer weather in Europe, as well as more overall events. However, it also means crowds and booking competition. If you’re looking for seclusion in a big city, we recommend off seasons like later fall or possibly a winter leisure travel.

Find a Focus Destination

While an ideal tour will take you to many far-off places, it’s wise to find one place in particular that you can’t do without. Have you always wanted to see the gorgeous, deep blue coasts in Croatia? Or maybe the historic spas in Budapest have your heart. No matter what sparks your interest the most, pick one “must-see” destination and then plan around that. This gives you a place to focus, so branching out from there to build your perfect Europe tour becomes much simpler and less overwhelming.

Pick a Trustworthy Travel Agent

There are a lot of paths we could take on this talk, but the most important point is this: the right agent is one that has your satisfaction at heart. When you contact an agent for the first time, they should be receptive and interested in what you want, not just in making a sale or booking. Open up a dialogue with an agent who loves what they do, and you’ll learn all kinds of interesting things about your destinations. Talk about what you want to experience, be it relaxation, adventure, or both, and from there, the ideal tour will fall right into your lap.

Europe Travel with WorldTravelService®

Looking for a team that can help you build the leisure travel you’ve been craving? The experienced agents at WorldTravelService® are ready to help! Contact us online today to find out more, or book with an agent today by calling 800-676-3796!

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