International Business Travel Tips

Whether your company is expanding into the overseas market or you frequently work with global companies and are looking for a more efficient way to manage travel, WorldTravelService® can help you plan for success. We have worked with businesses in a wide variety of industries to plan international flights, hotels, transportation upon arrival, and all the other details needed for trips to various countries. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a successful corporate trip and have come up with a list of international business travel tips for you, so you can focus on what’s most important for your company.

Our International Business Travel Checklist

There are a number of things to think about to ensure successful overseas travel, especially when your trip is of business nature. We can help you reduce business travel expenses, minimize stress, and maximize productivity with an international business travel checklist that takes all the details into account.
  1. Consider the most cost-effective ways to keep your employees mobile and connected. Find a cellphone plan in advance with a carrier that offers service at your destination, add an international data plan to your existing account, or purchase a new SIM card. The right solution for you and your company varies based on how much you’ll need to communicate with your employees, how long they will be staying, the specific destination, and the nature of your business. And, of course, make sure you have the right plug or adapter to keep your devices charged at your destination.
  2. Have a plan in place for managing expenses. If you provide your employees with a company credit card, make sure that it will work internationally and consider if your existing account is the best for you or will incur you extra expenses when used overseas. Make sure to notify your credit card provider before international trips to avoid being flagged for unusual account activity. If you will be reimbursing employees later, make sure they are aware of the type of currency they will need and of the difference in value.
  3. Prepare your employees for the differences in language and culture. If they speak a different language at your destination, make sure your employees are prepared with at least a few key phrases that will help them get around and show any companies you are working with that you are making the effort. Make sure your employees are aware of any distinct differences in culture as well, so as to avoid inadvertently offending anyone during the trip.
  4. Take measures to stay protected. Check if you’ll need to invest in additional health coverage for employees traveling overseas and consider whether there are any other risks your destination may pose and what types of insurance you’ll need to stay protected. Travel insurance is one form of coverage you’ll likely need, but isn’t necessarily enough to keep you protected in all countries and in all circumstances.
  5. Plan ahead and as thoroughly as possible. This can help to not only ensure smooth business communications, but also keep your costs down. Look into and book your flights and hotels in advance, but also create a thorough itinerary to ensure any appointments or conferences you’re attending are well spaced out to account for any issues along the way. A corporate travel planner can provide you with international business travel tips to help you get the best deal and to make sure on-site transportation is planned out as well. An agent can also keep a copy of all important documents and emergency contacts for you, should anything go wrong along the way, and help you streamline operations with software that can help you track all details of each trip.

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If you’re planning a corporate trip overseas from the Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, or New Jersey areas, contact WorldTravelService®. We have years of experience organizing all types of company business trips and can help you plan and execute all aspects of yours to ensure the utmost success. We will plan your flights, hotels, on-site travel, take care of passports and other documentation, and even get you access to innovative software that can help you better track and manage company expenses. Plus, you can count on our agents to give you directions around your destination, and we maintain a 24/7 call center to help you out in case of emergency. For help creating an international business travel checklist specifically for your company’s trips, give us a call today—800-676-3796!

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