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Is it Time to Choose a New Corporate Travel Agency?

You depend on your travel agency to book your travel and handle emergencies as they arise. But the needs of both businesses and agencies change over time, so it’s important to periodically evaluate whether your company’s travel agency is still providing the services you need.

Are You Growing Faster than Your Travel Agency?

Many small companies choose a travel agency early on, before they have need of any specialty services. These agencies might be mostly leisure, or might not even be full agencies—they might be just a friend of the owner. These arrangements can work for awhile, but at a certain point the company may begin to grow at a faster rate than the agency.

This new relationship can cause friction, as the company needs services like 24/7 response or dedicated agents that the small agency cannot provide. At this point, it might be time to think about contracting with a larger agency.

Does Your Agency Offer Dedicated Agents?

One of the most common needs of a fast-growing company is a travel agency that can respond quickly to new and changing circumstances. Having a dedicated, experienced agent for your account can help provide this fast response.

Smaller agencies sometimes contract their work out to call centers, so you won’t be talking to the same person each time you call. Look for an agency where you have a dedicated agent who knows your wants and needs and can act quickly to solve problems.

Does Your Agency Offer Travel Reporting?

No matter which travel expense reporting software you use, getting a few key statistics is essential to running your business efficiently.

High-quality travel expense reporting can indicate:

  • Your top spenders
  • How soon your travelers book their flights
  • How closely your employees are following your travel policy
  • Which destinations most of your money is going to
  • And more!

These reports can provide insights that save you money and can even help you make more by spotting growth areas or opportunities.

Could a Larger Agency Save You Money?

Deciding to upgrade to a larger travel agency can be daunting. With more resources comes more up-front expense, and for a growing company, cash flow is essential. However, the better resources that a larger agency provides can actually save your organization money.

Larger agencies have established relationships with airlines, who depend on their business out of particular hubs. These agencies can use this leverage to get great deals and above-and-beyond service that you won’t see from a smaller travel agency.

In addition, a larger travel agency will work with you to craft an effective travel policy that will ensure your employees are making the best choices for your company’s bottom line. As a smaller company, you may have an incomplete travel policy, or you might not have one at all.

Travel Expense Reporting with WorldTravelService™

At WorldTravelService®, we love working with growing companies that we can help to make the best travel choices. We have a lot of experience guiding businesses in building an effective travel policy and deciding the best way to utilize their travel budgets. If you’d like to learn more, or submit an RFI, contact us now.

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