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Questions to Ask in Your Corporate Travel Agency RFP

Writing an RFP for a corporate travel agency can feel like an endless task. There are always more questions to ask. But there are a few you should always be sure of including.

How Big Is the Corporate Travel Agency?

Many small companies choose a travel agency early on, before they have need of any specialty services. These agencies might be mostly leisure, or might not even be full agencies—they might be just a friend of the owner. These arrangements can work for awhile, but at a certain point the company may begin to grow at a faster rate than the agency.

How Many Dedicated Agents Will We Have?

Smaller agencies sometimes contract their work out to call centers, so you won’t be talking to the same person each time you call. Look for an agency where you have a dedicated agent who knows your wants and needs and can act quickly to solve problems.

How Do You Find Fares?

This question gives the agency the opportunity to talk about its technological systems for finding and booking fares. Look for an agency with a system that integrates with airline, car rent, and hotel systems, which provides a faster and more streamlined booking experience.

Does Your Agency Offer Travel Reporting?

No matter which travel expense reporting software you use, getting a few key statistics is essential to running your business efficiently. These reports can provide insights that save you money and can even help you make more by spotting growth areas or opportunities.

What Is Your Relationship with Popular Airlines?

If there’s a particular carrier with a hub nearby, or with whom your travelers prefer to fly, you should ask about them specifically. This gives the agency the opportunity to talk about any leverage they might have that could help you get discounted rates or special perks. Large agencies like WorldTravelService™ provide so much business to large airlines that they have more bargaining power.

Are You Available 24/7, Even in Cases of Extreme Weather?

Most companies have call centers available, but the people answering these lines are only as current as the notes they’re looking at. Look for a travel company that has redundant power, phone, and internet services, as well as a decentralized agent system, to ensure that your agent will be available when you need him or her.

How Does Our Company Compare with Most of Your Clients?

You want to be sure that this travel agency is accustomed to working with clients of your size; if you’re larger or smaller than most of this agency’s clients, it might not be the best fit. An agency used to working with smaller, growing companies can help you grow. And if you’re big, one used to working with larger ones can accommodate your needs.

Working with WorldTravelService™

At WorldTravelService™ we have the experience and expertise to work with clients large and small. We have extensive experience guiding businesses in building an effective travel policy, but we also work with many large companies and government agencies. If you’d like to learn more, or submit an RFI, contact us now.

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