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Summer Travel Ideas & Inspiration

The season of vacations is upon us, and many are booking well-ahead to ensure prime comfort and locales. It’s the second point we at World Travel Service would like to address. Are you a traditionalist; preferring summer beaches and sunny weather? Or maybe something a little different is just the ticket for relaxation and enjoyment. Something exotic, but not “the usual”. Finding that perfect vacation destination can be a bit of a hassle, but if you’re seeking the best summer travel spots for you or your family this year, our agents can assist. Our seasoned travel advisors may, in fact, have a few prime destinations already in mind.

Break Away From the Heat

Particularly attractive for those who rest their heads somewhere hot, an ivory beach might be just the ticket. And no, we aren’t talking about any form of sand. Ski resorts and cooler climates make an excellent alternative to traditional hotter, summer travel spots, and could bring you the variety you need to relax. Get a finer flavor still by extending your destination out of the bounds of our borders with world travel. Bounding slopes and chilly entertainment abound in these destinations our experts would suggest:
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • Oregon
  • Tignes, France
If skiing and cool weather are your goals, strive to choose a time between June and August for the best experience in these locations.

Traditionally Beautiful

If you prefer to embrace the season, there are plenty of unique and appealing solutions to suit your tastes. Do you wish to pursue fine, high-class cuisine? Or is a powdery beach in an exotic location more to your tune? Better still, have them all with a luxurious cruise. No matter what meets your needs, our agents can provide. If you’re looking for inspiration, we would suggest these options, among many others: Cruises A cruise provides the ultimate in relaxation. Your every need is provided for, and you can encounter the greatest foods, best entertainment, and finest views Imaginable. Consider one of these many gorgeous options.
  • Busan and Nagasaki
  • Western Caribbean
  • Paris to Normandy’s Landing Beaches
Dates vary considerably with cruises. To provide you with the best experience possible, our advisors would urge you to contact us and begin finding the best option for your tastes as soon as possible. Beach Resorts Sun, powdery beaches, and local food to suit any palate. Beach resorts are perfect for a family vacation, but you can find just as much to appeal as a single traveler as well. World Travel Service would recommend these beaches, among others.
  • Positano, Italy
  • Málaga, Spain
  • Haiti
  • Maui
Your resort options are nearly endless, and there is absolutely a perfect solution for any traveller. Booking can be tight, so speak with your trusted agent as soon as you are ready. Safari If you prefer less relaxation, and would like to pursue adventure in your summer travel instead, a safari is the best choice to meet your needs. Safaris can present experiences you’ve never imagined, and the scenery is profound.
  • Botswana
  • Kenya
  • Zambia

Perfect Vacation Destinations with World Travel Service

World Travel Service is the second largest independently owned travel management service representing the Mid-Atlantic. Whether your summer travel vacation includes family and friends, or you want a single traveller experience, our expert travel advisors can assist you in selecting the perfect destination. Visit our team of exceptional staff members online today to begin planning a vacation you’ll never forget. .

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