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The Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers

This year, give a gift unlike any other for a holiday to remember. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a business traveler or a worldwide adventurer, we’ve got something for everyone and every price tag on your list. Our list features the best holiday gifts for travelers of all types and for any destination. So what makes the cut in 2015?

Technology & Gadgets

Today’s technology can offer added convenience and help travelers stay connected with home life when they’re on-the-go—whether they’re hiking through the Appalachians or walking the streets of Europe.
  1. Portable power banks give travelers near and far the ability to charge phones, tablets, and more from wherever they are, without the need for an outlet. The EasyACC, Anker, and Poweradd Pilot are just some options to consider.
  2. Global WiFi Hotspot devices, like the Skyroam 3Gmate, give you WiFi access on-the-go whenever and wherever you need it.
  3. Plug adapters are particularly useful for those staying in foreign hotels or residences, allowing voyagers to use their American hair dryers, radio systems, and other items from any outlet.
  4. A waterproof camera is the perfect give for vacationers and adventurers looking to capture their memories and share their journey with others.
  5. Waterproof phone cases are critical to keeping iPhones, Androids, and other cell phones protected from damage as you travel. Some models even come with space to hold credit cards for added convenience.
  6. A quality pair of headphones can make any trip more enjoyable. From noise-cancelling headphones for long, loud flights to Bluetooth headphones that can connect to your mobile devices, there are many options to choose from for any traveler on your list.

Comfort & Convenience Gifts

Whether you’re traveling by car, by airplane, or even by foot, there are a number of different gifts that can make your journey easier and more comfortable.
  1. Sleep masks can help you sleep through even the longest international flights so you can reach your destination refreshed and ready to go.
  2. A Grid-It! organizer offers one of the best ways to keep electronics and other gadgets organized and nearby.
  3. J-pillows will cradle your neck for extra support while you travel and sleep, even if you’re stuck in the middle seat!

Holiday Gifts for Travelers to Take Home

We can help you bring your favorite trips home with gifts like vintage t-shirts, as well as travel posters and photography. A gift card for a massage, while not something to display at home, can also be a great gift for travelers to unwind after a whirlwind adventure abroad.

The Gift of Travel

By far the best holiday gifts for travelers involve the obvious: a trip! Of course, this isn’t the most affordable gift there is, and you probably won’t want to splurge on something for just anyone. But if you’re not worried about budget or you just want something extra special for someone close to you, there’s no better choice. And if you are limited by cost, there are still options for you! Affordable trips can range from ski or snowboarding adventures to Floridian beach getaways to hiking and camping trips and even Caribbean cruises. More extravagant options can include flights for two, luxury cruises, African safaris and other tours, and so much more. Explore destinations or call 800-676-3796 for booking questions if you live in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or southern New Jersey.

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