Top 5 Summer Travel Destinations

Though many of us in the Mid-Atlantic area are just finally dipping our toes into spring weather, summer will be here soon enough. If you’re planning on some sunny leisure travel, now is the time! WorldTravelService® comes to you today with some of our hottest (and a few of our coolest) picks for this summer. Looking for seasoned travel agents that can bring you a leisure travel adventure of a lifetime? Book with WorldTravelService® now!

Explore on a Safari in Botswana

Though Botswana has come into the technological era in many ways, much of the land lies pristine, offering some of the best safari opportunities to be found in the world. Soak up some summer sun while following the life of the land in an exclusive small-scale safari group or travel to one of the many cities that offer culture that would take a lifetime to fully grasp.

See a Different Side of the Galápagos Islands

Though the idea of islands and cruises often evokes images of heat and margaritas, the Galápagos Islands remain a bit out of the norm in this regard. What we call the summer season around here is the cool, dry season in the Galápagos. Though the warmer times are often more popular (December through late May), this current season presents the perfect opportunity for rarer wildlife and less cramped cruises, offering you plenty of space and time to relax and take in one of the most eco-diverse locations in the world.

Tour the Coasts in Croatia

If sun, warmth, and water are all on your to-do list for summer leisure travel, Croatia should be at the top of your list. Sapphire blue waters, sleepy coastal towns, and balmy, wind-tossed days all make for one of the more enriching travel experiences we can offer. Not that Croatia lacks for excitement, should you want it. The capital—Zagreb—offers plenty in the way of modern amenities, parties, and local fare.

Dine & Relax in Dublin

There’s no mistaking Ireland for anything other than poetic and mysterious. At the same time, no place ever really feels more like home. If the food and pubs don’t catch your fancy, the gorgeous 60 degree weather offers plenty of reason to explore a countryside that is still as romantic as it was 600 years past.

Spend Your Summer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Not interested in relaxing—more interested in adventure and life? Then Rio de Janeiro is exactly what you’re craving. Even in off seasons, the city is teeming with activities and nightlife, but in the summer, Rio de Janeiro truly comes to life. Though there are a few secluded opportunities for those seeking a respite, in the next moment, you could be spending your summer hang gliding, parasailing, or just exploring a gorgeous countryside on foot!

Unlock Your Summer’s Potential by Booking with WorldTravelService®

Find something that interests you? Even if you didn’t, this is just the very top of an exceptionally long list! The world has nearly limitless opportunities, and we can help you find the options that meet your tastes best. Whether you’re looking to take on Europe or seeking something a little unusual, contact us today to find a team ready to meet your every travel need!

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