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Top Tech Tools for Business Travel

In many ways, business operates much the same as any profession. The best always win out, and to achieve your goals you need three things: Professionalism, skill, and the right set of tools. Your skill is your own to look after, but the specialists at WorldTravelService® can certainly assist you in having the right tools to ensure success. As one of the largest independently-owned travel management services in the midwest, WorldTravelService® has been providing  our clients with the best we can provide for years. Our services are tailored to meet your exacting and unique needs, and helping you to succeed is our primary goal.

Mobile Business Travel Accessories: Apps and Technology

The business world capitalizes heavily on modern technology and gadgets. Gone are the days of sticky notes and memo pads; though they certainly still have their place. The right set of applications and mobile technologies can organize, schedule, and document your entire venture. Maximizing your potential is all about getting every edge you can muster, and mobile tech suits this need perfectly. Unfortunately, in a world where anyone can create an app and have it marketed, the market of mobile tech available is as much of a minefield as a treasure trove. Before you dive headfirst into an endless list of maybe-effective applications, WorldTravelService®  recommends you check for these types of tools:
  • Hotspot locators. Staying connected is of the utmost importance when traveling, but can pose a bit of an issue on the go. There are various applications tailored to specifically locating and notifying you of nearby areas with accessible wifi. Applications like TWC and Wifi Fastconnect are excellent for ensuring you have crucial access points at any time.
  • Card reading apps. One small but glorious beauty of applications is their sheer ability to simplify your trips. Apps like Evernote catalog and save physical business cards at the snap of a photo, obviating the need to keep track of dozens of tiny squares of cardstock.
  • Expense reports. Human error is something we prefer to not accept, but whether we like it or not, it exists. Don’t leave tracking your expenses to chance and utilize an expense report app.  
  • Translation tools. Speaking the local language is a very big deal, but you can’t always be as equipped as you would like. iTranslate and other tools can help you bridge the gap, avoiding misunderstandings that could leave you behind the curve.
  • Comprehensive travel assistance. When on business travel, nothing beats comprehensive assistance from professionals. Whether finding a hotel, or looking for guidance, no one provides it like a specialist. Most travel agencies offer apps for this—WorldTravelService® certainly does.

Mobile Business ®Travel Technologies with WorldTravelService®

Our top priority is providing our clients with all of the right tools and preparations needed for successful business travel. To maximize your experience, utilize our travel technologies. We provide superior flexibility, utility, and comprehensive knowledge; all at your fingertips 24/7 to give you the edge you need. For the best in business travel services, speak with a WorldTravelService® agent today! Visit our team of exceptional staff members online today to begin receiving the service you deserve.

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