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Top Travel Tips from Professional Travel Agents

Whether you’re an experienced globetrotter, an occasional vacationer, or a newbie awaiting approval for your first passport, there’s always something new to learn when traveling. To help you make the most of your next trip—and each one after that—we’ve compiled advice from ten top professional travel agents.

1. Annette Early

“Don't try to pack too much into one trip—especially when going to a large country like Australia. Focus on a few exciting experiences so you can really enjoy them!” A strict itinerary packed with details can ruin an otherwise amazing trip by limiting your ability to enjoy each experience. A loose schedule also withstands disruptions and offers more surprises!

2. Cathy Thomason

"Don’t put off going anywhere you can while you can." Every trip you put off today is one fewer you’ll get to enjoy in the long run.

3. Christine Ryan

“Wherever you go, go with an open mind and open eyes. Be open to the wonder.” It’s easy to become distracted and distressed when traveling if you don’t keep your mind open to the awe.

4. Dyana Thomas

"Smiling is the universal language no matter where you go. When you need help, a genuine smile will open people up to the idea of talking to you!" It’s hard for most people to treat a smiling face poorly. An earnest, honest smile can make a foreign country open up in a way it never would otherwise. (Note: Smiling means different things in different cultures. Be sure to do your research about the country you're visiting before approaching strangers!)

5. Jan Halderman

"Smile, and keep an open mind. If you look approachable, locals will be willing to help you." It’s quite telling that Jan Halderman and Dyana Thomas offer such similar advice despite their different areas of expertise! No matter the country, continent, or hemisphere, a smile and a friendly demeanor is a potent tool for a traveler. (Same note as above: Take time to learn about what non-verbal cues mean in each culture before embarking on your adventure.)

6. Jeanine Grande

“Keep an open mind when travelling. Remember that you are traveling to experience a place different than home. If you embrace it, you will never come back the same.” You simply can’t enjoy travel with a closed mind; you’ll miss too much of what makes a place unique if you dismiss everything different and unfamiliar. Open up your mind, and something interesting might find its way in.

7. Laura Ciccone

“Traveling is about having new experiences. Challenge yourself by trying something new!” It may be tempting to fall into old habits, whether you’re a new traveler eating at familiar worldwide restaurants or an experienced traveler making the same sorts of stops in every country.

8. Mary Stershic

“Be flexible and roll with the punches. Sometimes the changes you see as disruptions to your trip lead to memories you share years later!” It’s rare for your itinerary to go off without a hitch while traveling, but that doesn’t have to be a problem. Learn to embrace the unexpected!

9. Nancy Seiter

“Relax and enjoy your surroundings and the people of the region. Maybe give back to the community while you're on your trip!” When traveling, it’s important to remember to stop and enjoy yourself—no matter how packed your itinerary may be.

10. Stephanie Petros

"Remember: you're not at home. You leave home to find things that are different. Be respectful and understand the culture of the country you're traveling to!" Travelers who take the time to learn how locals do things will always gain a richer experience from their travel—and ruffle fewer feathers along the way.

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