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Travel can be hectic if you’re not packed and prepared on the day of your departure. Traveling with a large group of people can be especially stressful. WorldTravelService® wants to make your long vacations and weekend getaways effortless so your travel experience is stress-free and enjoyable. Instead of worrying about keeping up with boarding passes and checking in at crowded airports, download our mobile app—CHECKMYTRIP—so you can easily check in to your flights and get boarding passes while you’re on the go, using your mobile device. The app allows you to easily keep track of your upcoming trips, and gives you access to travel tools to help you navigate through the details of your vacation. From maps and world clocks to dialing codes and destination guides, our mobile app is a must-have for frequent flyers and first-time travelers alike. Our mobile app allows you to conveniently:
  • Check in to flights – Easily check in to flights up to 24 hours before departure using your mobile device.
  • Store or print boarding passes – Don’t worry about keeping up with boarding passes. Just store them in your mobile device for easy access.
  • View baggage allowance – Don’t stress about how much luggage you can take with you on the flight. Our app shows your baggage allowance for each trip.
  • View the world clock – Check to see what time it is at your destination and back home, so you won’t call friends and family members in the middle of the night by mistake!
  • Browse destination guides – Figure out all the best attractions and events to add to your travel itinerary so you won’t miss out on any must-sees!
  • View maps – It’s easy to get lost in an unfamiliar place. View a map from your mobile app to show you the way.
  • Access driving directions – It can be fun to rent a car during your trip, but you’ll need driving directions so you won’t waste any precious vacation time wondering where you’re going!
  • View dialing codes – Using a phone on vacation can be complicated. But it’s much easier when you use the dialing code travel tool found on your mobile app.
  • Access subway maps – Subway stations are stressful, unless you have a map to help you get from point A to point B! Find this convenient travel tool with our mobile app.
  • Use the currency calculator – Figure out exactly how much money you’re spending by easily converting currency using this calculator.
  • Check weather at your destination – Now you’ll know exactly what kind of clothes to bring with you when you check the weather at your destination before packing!
  • Access airport guides – Navigate through crowded airports to find your favorite restaurant, your departure gate, or the restrooms when you’re in a hurry.
All these travel tools will help your traveling go smoothly so you can spend your time sight-seeing and relaxing instead of figuring out how to get around, convert currencies, or plan where to go. We want your trip to be perfect, just the way you imagined. Contact a WorldTravelService® agent for help planning your next getaway, or for additional questions regarding our mobile app.

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At WorldTravelService®, we are committed to making your travel experience as enjoyable as possible, from the planning stages and booking process to your departure, arrival—and everything in between. Our mobile app was designed to take the stress out of travel, just like our agents take the hassle out of all the planning details. When you choose WorldTravelService® to help you plan your next vacation, you’ll have an agent assigned to your account, backed by a network of travel professionals. We always customize your vacation to meet your budget and personal travel preferences. Contact WorldTravelService® vacation planners today to book a trip to your dream destination.

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