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Holiday Travel Tips

Christmas is just around the corner and for those procrastinators in the DC area, finding a last-minute flight can be a challenge. New Year’s Eve plans must be made and travel and hotel arrangements taken care of. Whether you’re coming home for the holidays or planning an exotic getaway to ring in the New Year in style, you can expect the airports to be hectic and the affordable flights to be scarce. At WorldTravelService®, we know a little something about what this busy season can mean for travelers, and we want to share what we’ve learned so you can get through the season with ease. Minimize the stress of travelling with these holiday travel tips from your trusted DC travel agent:

Plan Your Flight Smartly

The airports tend to be especially chaotic over the holidays with long lines going through security and overbooked flights. To get the best deals, book your flight as early as possible. If you’ve already waited too long, do your research to find the most affordable fares. We recommend you travel on off-peak days, like Christmas day itself, to avoid the madness of a crowded airport. Flights in the early morning or late evening also tend to be less crowded and have less chance of delay.

Ship Your Gifts

To eliminate the hassle of lugging around many bags and boxes and the extra charges of having extra luggage, ship your gifts ahead of time. If you have smaller items you’d prefer to bring with you, leave them unwrapped. TSA can unwrap them for inspection if they deem fit. We also suggest that you keep more expensive gifts, like jewelry, in your carry-on to avoid any added stress if your checked bag gets lost.

Pack Light

Larger items can be heavy and difficult to carry and store through travel. Many airlines have restrictions on how many bags you can check and bring on board with you, and bags over 50 lbs. incur an additional charge. Having heavy bags to carry around can add to the stress of your trip and be difficult to maneuver, especially if your bags are heavy.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Things don’t always go according to plan, especially when it comes to holiday travel. To make sure you get where you’re headed, it’s important to prepare for the unexpected—from extreme weather and overbooked flights causing delays to heavy traffic heading to the airport. Plan to arrive early so that bad traffic and long lines at security don’t cause you to miss your flight. If your trip involves a connection, leave extra time between flights in case there is a delay with your first flight.

Holiday Travel Planning in Maryland, Washington, DC & Virginia

Follow the holiday travel tips above so you can sit back and enjoy the season with family and friends! If you’ve waited too long and are worried about finding a flight that’s affordable and at a convenient time, leave the planning to us. Contact us now for booking information and if you need any more holiday travel tips, just ask! We’re proud to serve the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia areas.

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