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WorldTravelService® Hotel Rewards Program

We Offer Deep Hotel Discounts Via Preferred Corporate Rates.

How can your company get hotel discounts while traveling? Sign up as a corporate client with WorldTravelService® to gain access to our hotel rewards program, which offers special rates at select hotels throughout the world.

Your company has a traveling budget, so we understand that you want the best hotel prices for all of your corporate travel needs. Our hotel rewards program is just one of the many perks of booking your next business trip with a corporate travel agency.

Call us at 800-526-1412 to put your business travel into capable hands.

How We Provide You with the Best Hotel Discounts and Reservations

Unlike an online-only service that finds you cheap fares, car rentals, and hotels, WorldTravelService® is a complete travel management service that facilitates your entire trip and beyond. In addition to getting the best fares and rates that make sense for your company’s travel needs, we provide you with a range of value-added benefits that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

The WorldTravelService® Preferred Hotel Program

The WorldTravelService® Preferred Hotel Program offers special rates at select hotels throughout the world. Benefits include:

  • Deep discounts via preferred corporate rates.
  • Discounts of 20 to 65 percent at 47,000 properties worldwide.
  • Individualized hotel negotiations to fit company needs.
  • Reservations made in real-time links, providing accurate availability.
  • Value-added amenities, which may include upgrades, priority check-in, and complimentary use of fitness centers.
  • Blocks of reserved rooms: During peak times, hotel reservations can be hard to get, especially in cities like New York, Washington DC, and Chicago. We have room blocks reserved all over the world so that accommodations may be available even when the cities are “sold out.”

Convenient Online Booking

As a corporate client, you’ll be able to conveniently book your hotel online on our website, along with your flights and car rentals.

Keeping Track of Expenses

We know that tracking your company’s travel expenses, including your hotel reservations, is vital to following policy and maintaining profitability. We offer more than 120 specially designed corporate travel reports. As a client, you select the format or formats that best suit your needs.

WorldTravelService® uses iBank, the most advanced technology platform for travel-management company reporting, to run, maintain, and house client travel reports.

These reports distill the myriad details of your travel data into useful information that helps you manage your travel spend and increase your savings and productivity.

Get Hotel Discount Perks with Corporate Travel Services from WorldTravelService®

Take advantage of our hotel discount perks for your next business trip by becoming a corporate client with WorldTravelService®. With seven agency locations throughout Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, WorldTravelService® serves a number of large corporate clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Contact WorldTravelService® today to put your business travel into capable hands.

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