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Luxury cruises from MD, DC, VA, and moreCruises are some of the most versatile travel options you can find. A cruise can take you to a tropical paradise, set you on a tour through the Amazon, take you to an Alaskan expedition, show your family the time of their lives (with an extended stop at Disney World!), and so much more.

Truly, the options are limitless. The experienced agents at WorldTravelService® can plan cruises for every taste and personality.

Exotic holidays, adventurous escapades, family fun, romantic hideaways, even destination weddings, and trips to dazzling markets, historic landmarks, ancient ruins, and modern metropolitan hotspots are all possible.

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Mediterranean Cruises

View of Mt. Vesuvius from a cruise shipMarvel at the wonders of Greece, Spain, Italy, Croatia, or Turkey on a luxury Mediterranean cruise. Depart from Rome on a trip around the Adriatic with stops at Malta, Greece, and Croatia before arriving in beautiful Venice. Or spend your entire trip exploring the spellbinding cities of Spain.

Other Mediterranean options include Monte Carlo, Monaco, Ravenna, Brazil, and more!

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Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean sunsetAgainst a backdrop of sun, sand, endless blue skies, and sparkling ocean, the Caribbean offers miles and miles of delight. Swim, shop, explore historic sites, dance, dine, and renew your spirits at stops like St. Maarten, Bahamas, Aruba, Nassau, Bermuda, Turks and Caicos, Belize, and more.

Choose from Eastern, Western, or Southern Caribbean cruises with a wide array of routes and destinations.

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European Cruises

Travel to Eastern EuropeAlways wanted to visit Europe but can’t decide where to start? A European cruise can take you to popular sites like Paris, London, Berlin, and Vienna, or send you to hidden gems and local favorites.

There are enchanting spots to be discovered all over Switzerland, Holland, France, Germany, England, Hungary, Austria, and more. And many European cruises also make stops in the bewitching locales of Iceland.

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Alaskan Cruises

Dawe's Glacier in AlaskaLet Alaska’s wild outdoors and warm personalities captivate you on a cruise that tours its most spellbinding landmarks and localities. Explore Denali National Forest’s woods, tundra, and alpine mountains; visit Glacier Bay and Kenai Fjords for more of America’s stunning natural beauty.

Cities like Juneau and Anchorage offer fishing, hiking, flightseeing, and kayaking adventures, along with shopping, museums, and unique local cuisine. To add to your great adventure, many Alaskan cruises take routes that include stops in places like Canada, China, Japan, Indonesia, and even Australia.

Book your Alaskan cruise with WorldTravelService®.

River Cruises

River cruises with WorldTravelServicesTravel along the Danube, experience the Rhine, discover the Rhône, and more!

River cruises give you a unique opportunity to experience multiple cities and get to know areas that traditional cruise ships can’t access.

With multiple port options, our travel agents can help you select the best river cruise for you and help you plan your excursions so you can make the most of your river adventure!

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All-Inclusive Cruises & Cruise Vacation Packages

All-inclusive cruise vacations are popular for their convenience, variety, and streamlined booking and planning. Food, drink, and entertainment costs are included with room and board (some plans do not include alcoholic beverages), as well as admission to the ship’s bars, clubs, casinos, and other activities.

If you’re worried that a “package” cruise may limit your vacation experience, never fear! The experienced agents at WorldTravelService® have access to an extensive array of cruise package options. Your agent will help you select one that covers all your “must-haves” and helps you make the most of your vacation.

Book an all-inclusive cruise with a WorldTravelService® agent.

Family Cruises

Your entire family can enjoy the vacation of a lifetime when you book a family-friendly cruise. Not only do family cruises take you to places like Disney World, New England, Canada, and Hawaii, they also fill their on-board schedules with full-on fun for kids.

Think princess parties and movie nights for younger ones, rock climbing and animation lessons for older kids. And of course, the water play areas will keep kids of all ages entertained.

The agents at WorldTravelService® can find the best cruise for your family vacation.

Last-Minute Cruises

Believe it or not, it’s easy to book a last-minute cruise. With the help of an experienced travel agent, and a little flexibility on your part, you can be on your way to paradise as soon as you can pack your bags.

Contact a WorldTravelService® agent to book a last-minute cruise.

Cruise Planners in DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

WorldTravelService® has the most extensive resources in the mid-Atlantic for booking cruises and cruise vacations. Our worldwide network enables us to offer our cruise clients exclusive upgrades, amenities, private excursions, and other specials and treats that you just won’t find anywhere else.

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