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Most Popular Vacation Destinations

Looking for the top vacation spot to plan your next trip from anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic? As a leader in the leisure travel market, WorldTravelService® sees the trends as they happen! Every year, Virtuoso, the exclusive consortium of which we are a member, surveys thousands of its clients to discover what the most wanted, most-buzzed about worldwide destinations are. The survey found that while classic romance and history still charm, the thrill of adventure sends travelers to ever more fascinating places.

The Virtuoso Travel Dreams Survey Top 10 Most Popular Destinations

  1. Australia
    From Perth to Alice Springs and up to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is a world unto itself. You can stay outdoors for a travel adventure unlike any other—hiking, diving, partying on the beach—or immerse yourself in the continent’s dazzling culture and arts offerings. Ever dreamed of taking a cruise through a rainforest? Experiencing life as some of the earliest people did? Seeing Shakespeare performed at one of the world’s most famous venues? You can do all of this and more in the land down under!In the gorgeous Northern Territory, you can drive through the outback, view exotic birds, and get close-enough-to-touch wildlife, all while staying in a luxury resort setting. Watch Australian Rules Football, explore Surfer’s Paradise, and climb the Devil’s Marbles—the possibilities are endless.
  2. Italy
    Italy’s charms go beyond pasta, wine, and Vespas—though you can find all those in abundance. Travelers enjoy this multifaceted country for its incredible breadth of experiences. You can explore the works of Michelangelo, venture into the countryside by bicycle, bask in the sun near one of Rome’s prized fountains, or enjoy a spa day in Milan.Want to go deeper into Italy? Ask your agent about the hidden gems in cities like Lecce, Trieste, and Pistoia. You’ll see the history of Italy told in the words of its people, along with breathtaking works of art and architecture (including castles and cathedrals), magnificent seascapes, majestic olive groves, and so much more.
  3. New Zealand
    Where can you walk in the footsteps of the Hobbits, gather wool from free-range sheep, go heli-skiing, and press noses with the Maori? Only in New Zealand. And there are so many ways to explore this rich country.You can cruise its coastal wonders, fly right in to Middle Earth (Wellington Airport), or go backpacking through Christchurch and Canterbury. New Zealand offers a range of accommodations for travelers of every taste—from “luxury lodges” to “farmstays” where you’ll be up with the cows! Your agent will guide you to just the right New Zealand experience.
  4. Ireland
    Stay up all night dancing and wake up in a castle—Ireland’s present and past are enchantingly entwined. Dublin’s nightlife is a metropolitan counterpart to the Emerald Isle’s spellbinding history. Each of the country’s six regions has its own unique allure, inviting you to spend your trip among ancient ruins, craggy cliffs, tiny villages filled with magic, stone circles, trails of Celtic crosses, mountains, and even beaches. You’ll never run out of things to do in this gorgeous land, either, with fishing, shopping, hiking, museum-going, and pubbing! Many of our agents have spent time in Ireland and can give you a select take on how to spend your time there.
  5. France
    Has everything been said about the wonders of France? Of course not. Whether you’ve spent several Aprils in Paris or know Versailles like the back of your hand, there are still mille feuille (“thousands of layers”) in which to revel.  Yes, there is champagne, and the Louvre, and the Arc de Triumph, but there is also hiking, volcano-watching, the cliffs of Upper Normandy, salt flats, and towns where no cars are allowed! If you want to see the France that only the locals know, talk to your agent. You’ll get the inside track on l’Hexagone!
  6. South Africa
    Once a well-kept secret, South Africa is getting more and more love from smitten travelers, making it one of the top vacation spots for those all over the Mid-Atlantic. While you have your choice of luxury safari accommodations and adventures, you can also opt to spend your entire trip exploring the charms of this beautiful region. Cape Town offers an outstanding selection of restaurants, a lively waterfront area to explore, and, within driving distance, exquisite wine country and a penguin colony!Take a luxury train to the diamond mines. Visit caves complete with fossils and ancient carvings. Play golf. Dive with the sharks. Go kayaking and mountain biking. Take one visit to this popular vacation destination, and you’ll never want to leave!
  7. Caribbean
    Ah yes, the Caribbean islands. From whence the term “tropical paradise” perhaps first emerged. All the clichés about white, sugary sands, sparkling blue skies, and deep green water don’t do justice to the nonpareil beauty that somehow manages to retain its magic for each and every visitor to experience. Relax and let the islands indulge you with an all-inclusive trip customized to your every wish. Or get a closer look at the rhythm of life in the islands by staying at a small B&B or boutique spot. Historic sites, museums, national parks, and natural landmarks await you amidst otherworldly waterfalls, lakes, mountains, and hills. If the balmy beaches don’t beckon you, there are options everywhere—hiking, parades, age-old plazas, dancing, music, food, boating, rainforest-touring, and green sea-turtle watching.
  8. Greece
    Greece has grown into its destination potential, as it were—emerging from rustic backpacker’s paradise to a sophisticated traveler’s dream, while retaining its Hellenic charms. Make your way through caves, up mountains, and into ruins as you sink deep into ancient Grecian culture. Ever dreamt of riding a donkey to an acropolis? Floating on a gondola through a cave lined with stalactites and stalagmites? It’s de rigueur in Greece. If you’re looking for relaxation, try the Gulf of Corinth, where the Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge rises from the waves. Visit picturesque harbors and villages, dine on native cuisine at seaside tables, and dream on the beaches of Crete. Greece is a top travel destination among many of our agents; call to get exclusive tips on how best to enjoy this ageless place!
  9. England
    Britain is a destination with nearly endless possibilities. You can spend days in London’s museums, take daytrips to seaside villages or historic vistas via car or train, visit landmarks like Big Ben, Stonehenge, and Westminster Abbey, and explore the origins of Shakespeare, the Beatles, or Harry Potter. There is luxury to be found at resorts in London and out in the fair English countryside. With endless places to walk, shop, eat, have tea, learn, and enjoy, England offers experiences for every taste.
  10. French Polynesia
    These legendary islands offer impressive realms where vacationers can explore history—cathedrals and caves, water sports—snorkeling, diving, communing with dolphins, and outdoor activities—hiking, horseback riding, and Tahitian dance. Spend your days discovering cemeteries, markets, incredible archaeological sites, and entrancing villages and neighborhoods. And of course, there are beaches. The most popular white-sand wonders tend to be crowded, but you can easily access a more serene scene on the bay between Hanaiapa and Hanapaoa, the black-sand shores of Papenoo and Papera, or the Sables Roses, or “pink sand” beaches in Tikehau.  Wherever you go in French Polynesia, hospitality awaits. Ask your agent for the best places to stay on these celebrated islands.

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