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Our Travel Planning Process

WorldTravelService® is not a call center. We’re not a website. We are a full-service, concierge travel agency. That means we provide service that is highly professional and highly personal. When you call or email our company, you will get an answer or response from a real, live person. All of our agents have extensive travel industry experience. They work here because they love travel and they enjoy helping people. Everything we do at WorldTravelService® is done in order to give you, our client, an exceptional experience. Give us a try and see how we do it!

Travel Options We Offer

WorldTravelService® offers a number of travel options, so no matter your travel plans, we can help! We offer:

Corporate travel: Count on our team for headache-free corporate travel. We ensure you get to and from your destination without and snags and without overpaying. Learn more about our corporate travel services!

Leisure travel: Vacation should be a time to relax and unwind. When you work with us, we’ll plan a luxury vacation for you that’ll exceed expectations. Learn more about our leisure travel services!

Group travel: Planning travel for an entire group can be stressful and overwhelming, so don’t go it alone! We’ll handle all of the details and scheduling, ensuring everyone is in sync. Learn more about our group travel services!

Whatever your travel needs may be, the experts at WorldTravelService® can handle them! Give us a call today at 800-526-1412 or contact us online to learn more or get started.

Why Choose WorldTravelService®?

When you work with a WorldTravelService® agent, you get a travel advisor who acts as your advocate every step of the way.

  • Planning: During the planning process, your agent/advisor gets to know you. You’ll discuss what kind of travel you prefer, any special needs or requests, places you’ve dreamed about, your budget, anything you absolutely won’t tolerate on your trip, and more. Your agent will keep all of these in mind while planning your trip.
  • Getting there: While you’re traveling to your destination, your agent will be available to advise you should you have questions or requests, or in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. You have a well-connected representative who can get issues resolved much quicker and more easily than can an unaffiliated traveler.
  • While you’re at your destination: Again, you have an advocate in place! If any issues arise, you can get assistance.
  • When you return: Let your agent know how your trip went. Was there anything that could have gone better? What did you enjoy most? And where do you want to go next?

WorldTravelService® would love to make your next trip extraordinary. Call us at 800-526-1412 or email

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