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Questions to Ask Your Business Travel Agent

If your business is often booking travel for different employees, sending them all over the country and possibly the world, it can save you a great deal of stress and time to hire a corporate travel agent. In addition to saving you time (and money!), hiring a business travel agent can also offer your traveling employees extra advantages as well as and give them a firm contact if things go awry while they are traveling. Asking the right questions of your business travel agent can make sure you are both on the same page when it comes to your company travel plans.

Here are some things you may want to clarify with your business travel agent:

Who Is Assigned to My Company’s Account?

The first thing you will want to find out when it comes to your corporate travel services is who will be taking care of your company.  Having a main contact makes it easier when you have questions or a need to make bookings; it can also streamline contact when emergencies arise.

Do I Need a Company Travel Policy?

If your company doesn’t already have a company-wide travel guideline set up, you may want to ask your travel agent if they can help you create a policy so that all staff members are clear when it comes to company travel guidelines.

Can I Access My Itinerary Online?

Having an online itinerary and online access to your travel agent can be very handy. Ask your business travel agent if they offer a combination of both online and personal service.

Will My Corporate Travel Agent Be Available 24/7?

When traveling, particularly overseas, it is good to know that you can contact your agent about travel related information or issues. If travel emergencies arise, it is good for your employees to know that they have someone they can contact who can work efficiently to sort the issues out.

What Is Your Travel Change Policy?

Ideally you would want a corporate travel service that offers unlimited changes without extra cost. We all know things arise and travel plans such as flight times, hotel stays, and what type of vehicle is needed can change.  Knowing that you can make these changes without attracting penalties can make a big difference.

What Vendors Do You Work With?

If your travel agent has relationships with certain airlines, hotels, or car rental brands, they can save your money company and offer you advantages. These advantages can range from express check-in, VIP guest passes and airline lounge access. New relationships can also be built between your business travel agent and hotels that your company may use frequently. This relationship can be used to negotiate benefits such as free breakfast, room upgrades or meal tickets.

Do You Offer a Best Price Guarantee?

Many travel agents have access to the best fares around; not only does this save your employees time from having to search for travel prices themselves, but also saves you money.

What Type of Reporting Tools Do You Use?

A business travel agent that has access to systems and travel reporting tools that bring all your travel details together can be a great advantage. All of your travel details are kept in one place ensuring nothing is missed. It is also an advantage if this program lists your employees’ personal preferences so when travel plans are made for a particular staff member all requirements are kept in mind.

Asking these questions of your business travel agent can assure that you have the right person to deal with your businesses travel plans.

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