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Botswana Travel

Botswana Travel

Seeking your first exciting experience in safari or interested in taking part in rich culture and exotic foods? Beautiful Botswana holds all you could ever want in leisure travel, whether you’re a long time traveler or new to the search for the world’s greatest treasures. Get up close with amazing wildlife in Kgalagadi, drink up history and art in Gaborone, or find some of the best fishing in the world in the Okavango Delta. At WorldTravelService®, we relish the opportunity to take you anywhere you want to be.

Let our team of dedicated agents and travel professionals handle the booking, the logistics, and the small details while you simply relax and dive deep into an idyllic country with more than enough to offer the world in adventure and luxury both. As the second largest independently owned travel agency in the Mid-Atlantic region, we have the resources and tools at our disposal to ensure you take a trip tailored to your tastes and needs.

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Botswana Travel with WorldTravelService®

A place where tradition melds with modern amenities and where the wilds remain as wild as ever, there are ample opportunities for any traveler in Botswana. Botswana is home to some of the greatest and most exciting safari found in the world today, with chances to see lions and elephants roaming. Or you can relax deep in Setswana culture—the Botswana people are famous for unique food, vocal music, and traditional art.

It doesn’t matter what you are seeking; whether you’re looking to relax or feel elated (or both), you’ll find it all in Botswana. And WorldTravelService® is here to help you find every bit of it.

Choose Your Adventure in Botswana

Take advantage of a variety of travel destinations and opportunities through WorldTravelService®, including:

  • Seek safari in Botswana. There are a few “truly great” destinations in the world for safari, and Botswana may well be at the forefront of that list. Famous for small-scale and exclusive safari, tiny camps suitable for couples, singles, and small groups offer luxury and adventure in spades.
  • Travel to Gaborone. Botswana’s capital is not quite the cultural hub of the country, but it is clearly the pulse of the future. Gaborone may not be the best spot for those seeking more exciting times, but it’s an ideal place to begin getting your feet wet in the Botswana ways of life, as well as a smattering of art and historical culture.
  • Adventure in Okavango. Unique fishing opportunities, a spiritual and awe-inspiring natural WHS site in Tsodilo Hills, and a generous dotting of cultural townsites and camps make Okavango a nature lover’s dream.

Take Advantage of Our Tailored Travel Packages

Not sure where to start, or feeling a bit overwhelmed by the options offered by Botswana? No worries there; the agents at WorldTravelService® have you covered. Our agent-built travel packages are created specifically to fulfill every niche and travel preference, so there’s certain to be a package that helps you experience all you want when visiting Botswana.

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