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Secrets of Successful Business Travelers

WorldTravelService® sends a lot of corporate travelers around the world. We’ve learned a few clever ideas for minimizing stress and maximizing productivity.

Smart Business Travel Tips

Create your own private network. Leave your WiFi worries behind and get a MiFi. MiFi gadgets are small, relatively inexpensive, and indispensable for the business traveler who wants to be productive during downtime. These tiny wireless routers act as mini WiFi hotspots, allowing you to be connected pretty much wherever you go. Even if you rarely have trouble finding and connecting to WiFi, having a mobile hotspot handy at all times means one less thing to worry about, and a pretty important “just in case” situation taken care of.

Know what not to pack and what to always pack. At the very least, your hotel will always have shampoo, conditioner, soap, and a hair dryer. So you can leave those at home and save space for toiletries and personal items you know aren’t likely to be available, or will be overpriced at the hotel gift shop: toothpaste, pain relievers, contact lens solution, and the like. To keep from forgetting your must-haves, either keep a supply of them in a devoted “travel drawer” at home or in your carry-on bag or suitcase. That way you aren’t repacking them every time you hit the road.

Become a “carry-on only” person. If you can do this, you will feel so free! It can be tough, especially with business attire. But if the trip is short enough, and you can manage it, it’s worth it. No bag to check means fewer lines to stand in, and, best of all—no baggage to wait around for! Pro tip: don’t try to fit an oversized bag or suitcase into the overhead compartment. You’ll likely end up having to check it. (Search the web for carry-on packing strategies. You’ll be a packing ninja before you know it.)

Get a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag. Avoid the hassle of having to take your laptop out of its bag (and then put it back in) when you go through security. Checkpoint-friendly bags are designed to unzip to reveal the laptop so that the x-ray screener can get a clear view of it. The labor and hassle you save will leave you more energy for finishing up those presentation slides while you’re waiting to board.  (Search the web for “checkpoint friendly laptop bag” to find a selection.)

Replace your memory with your phone camera. Lot B, Aisle 7, Blue Section…you might forget this, or forget to write it down, after you park your car and run for the shuttle. Take a photo of the parking sign or any other signage you need to remember. It’s also a good idea to take photos of checked luggage; if it gets lost or delayed, you can show the photo to the airline staff to help them find it.

Extend your tech reach. Bring a lightweight extension cord along so you can charge your phone or tablet in your hotel room overnight while keeping it by your bedside. You’d be surprised at how many rooms don’t have an outlet close to the bed.

Looking for a solution to a business travel problem? Want to streamline your corporate travel? Check out our corporate travel solutions or contact a WorldTravelService® corporate agent today.

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