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Luxury Travel Ideas and Inspiration

Looking for fresh travel inspiration? A vacation can be so much more than just some time away. Celebrate a milestone event, gather with family, let loose with friends, discover culinary delights, or embark on a grand adventure—in a faraway place where every day is a magical new journey.

WorldTravelService® plans incredible excursions of every kind for clients throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Your agent will discuss with you your wishes, budget, must-haves, and must-not-haves to customize an ideal getaway that will become a treasured memory. Browse the ideas below and remember—these are just starting-off points! Contact your leisure agent to talk about what your dream trip entails.

  • Getaways
    Found yourself with an unexpected free weekend? Need a place to decompress? Consider WorldTravelService® your stress-relief concierge. We can find the most accessible quick getaways and peaceful accommodations. Whether you need a spa weekend, a jaunt through wine country, a few days on the beach, or a place to breathe in the bountiful sky, we can find it, book it, and send you on your way.
  • Family Adventures
    A car trip to Wallyworld is not your scene. You want to give your family the trip of a lifetime. Take them to explore the worlds of their ancestors in France, Greece, Africa, or South America. Go to Japan and say kon’nichiwa to the best kind of culture shock. Spend a week in Hawaii, where the kids can play, the adults can spa, and everyone can have the time of their lives. Do your kids need to learn a thing or two? How about horseback riding lessons in Santa Fe? Scuba diving practice in St. Lucia? An up-close course in aquatic life in the Galapagos Islands? When you’re ready to show your family the world, ask your WorldTravelService® agent about the most amenable destinations for kids of all ages.
  • Food and Wine
    If you ask a local resident of just about anywhere what their town or region has to offer, they’ll often start by listing some delectable dishes. Travel the world by cuisine and you’ll get to know a place’s history, culture, and future. You’ll find there’s more to Italy than pasta and tomatoes, more to France than cheese and champagne, and more to India than curry. Several of our agents are experts in planning trips that focus on food and wine, and can recommend the most delicious and adventurous indigenous fare.
  • History
    From Tombstone to Tuscany and all the way to Timbuktu, history trips are a practiced purview of WorldTravelService®. Ancient ruins, historic routes, celebrated birthplaces, landmarks, and storied archaeology are just a few of the possible starting or ending points of a trip through time.  Whether you want to trace your ancestry, explore a favorite era, or simply step away from the cares of our modern world for a spell, we can get you there.
  • Activity
    Does the idea of a morning run past waterfalls in Laos exhilarate you? How about a hike through the Australian Alps? If your idea of a vacation is one where you’re always active, WorldTravelService® can help you hit your PR. For groups and individuals, there is a nearly endless array of vacation options that include outdoor activities and athletics of all kinds. Sunrise yoga in Nepal, twilight canoeing in Canada, trail running in Garden Route, South Africa—if you want to do it, our agents can make it happen!
  • Art
    Want to get close to Michelangelo? Study the mystery of Picasso’s masterpieces?  Perhaps Lygia Clark or Liu Bolin are more your speed. Or have you decided it’s finally time to hit Art Basel in Miami? Let WorldTravelService® sculpt a trip that immerses you in the world’s artistic expression. You can reserve a spot on a guided tour led by art experts or find accommodations in an art capital and make your way through the galleries and museums. The WorldTravelService® group travel division can get you and your troupe in to exclusive exhibitions and shows. Just ask!
  • Shopping
    Some of us like to sightsee, some of us like to relax, and for some of us, shopping is the best part of the trip. Whether you have specific goods in mind or just want to browse what the world’s shops and marketplaces have to offer, the agents at WorldTravelService® can help you choose the best destinations.
  • Honeymoons
    Celebrate the start of your new life together with an unforgettable trip. We love to plan honeymoons—traditional and out-of-this-world! Secluded beaches, resort properties, and cities known for romance—Paris, Rome, Barcelona—always top the list of dream honeymoon destinations, and WorldTravelService® can grant you access to exclusive amenities and special excursions that no other agency can. We can also customize a trip to you and your spouse’s favorite activities and interests. Not everyone can say that they spent the first days of their married life in Middle Earth, can they? Or show their friends and family photos of them zip-lining through a lush rainforest?  It’s your time to share with one another. We’ll help you make it extraordinary.
  • Babymoons
    Yes, the babymoon has made it into the travel lexicon! Some couples are opting to take a little time to themselves before baby arrives. We can help you plan an easygoing getaway that gives you what might be your last private moments for a while!
  • Private Tours
    When you want a guided experience all to yourself, ask WorldTravelService® to book a private tour. We can find you a guide to lead you through the sights of Brazil, take you to the best restaurants in Austria, or show you the most remote places to hike in Switzerland. We can also book private tours of museums and exhibitions, as well as some historic landmarks and other national treasures. If you’ve got something in mind, please ask!
  • Celebrations
    • Graduations – Take your high school graduate to Europe to reward her for all of her hard work. WorldTravelService® can plan exclusive excursions, celebratory meals and events, and more. Or send your college graduate on that trip to Argentina he’s been dreaming of. We can help you plan a fun, lively (yet safe!) trip for your achiever.
    • Birthdays – Whether it’s a milestone (21, 30, 60, 85!) or just a celebration of YOU, a birthday trip should be planned with your wishes and desires in mind. Whether you want to be pampered or challenged, we can put together a birthday itinerary that applauds the years behind you and opens up a bright view to the years ahead.
    • Anniversaries – It’s a honeymoon, but one that rejoices in how far you’ve come. For a couple or a whole family, an anniversary trip is a chance to celebrate love and happiness.
  • Guy/Girl Getaways
    Yes, we do these trips, too! As a matter of fact, they’re among the most fun to plan! We can arrange a tour of baseball stadiums, wineries, or roller coasters, or send you to a resort spa, casino, or private island. When it’s been too long since you’ve been away with the girls or the guys, call the WorldTravelService® agents and we’ll get you together.
  • Family Reunions
    Whether you need to organize multiple trips to the family homestead, or find a place that can accommodate a large group of folks with myriad needs, WorldTravelService® can plan your family reunion. We have brought together family members from all over the nation and around the world! Take a camping trip, go on a private tour, or rent a mountain cottage. Got more ideas? Call us!
  • Retirement Trips
    When you’ve left the working world behind (even for a while), it’s time to celebrate—and take advantage of all that free time. Have you and your spouse been planning a dream trip for ages? Are you looking for ideas that fit your needs and budget? Our agents have extensive experience in planning retirement trips—whether they’re “once in a lifetime” or just the first adventure of many.

Got a travel idea that you don’t see here? Has this list sparked your imagination? Get in touch with a WorldTravelService® leisure agent today.

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